Company profile

“STF “Techno-Alliance Electronic”  is glad to welcome it colleagues in our Web-site

Who we are?

Scientific and Technical Firm “Techno-Alliance Electronics” was found in 1993 by Soviet Specialists in Electronics, who had a long working experience in production at State USSR enterprises.

Our aims!

Providing a high quality domestic equipment to Production and Service enterprises.

What do we make?

Manual Single-piece and small run manufacture are wide spread status of domestic and foreign developers and manufacturers enterprises. For that category of professionals we produce our equipment under the brand "THERMOPRO":




What technology processes we cover?

“Thermopro” equipment is a self-sufficient technology system providing a full range high quality SMD components installation on a PCB’s of any sophistication level.


What Equipment do we produce?


  • Paste and technical liquids Dosing units
  • Modular SMD placer
  • Reflow unit for LED circuits
  • Pre-Heaters for Soldering and PCB heating
  • IR BGA Reworking Center
  • Pulse-Heating Soldering system
  • Temperature Measure and Read-out Tool
  • Vacuum PickUp unit.
What is our Advantage?

Our efforts to develop machinery which meet modern functionality and reliability requirements let us to produce equipment at the same or higher than our competitors level but at better price. Stable equipment characteristics during whole its working life – that is most important subject for us.


Who trust us?

For 23 years of our presence at the SMT market our quality and service were appreciated by hundreds of Enterprises in dozens of Hi-tech Sectors of Russian Economy.  
We have been done the honour to participate in Space project. Space Observatory “Millimetron” Mission will be realized in Lagrange point L2, which is 1.5 billion kilometers from the Earth.

Millimetron Observatory

Technology and Control Equipment from “ThermoPro” Brand have been chosen for Carbon elements production for 10-meters Space telescope.