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IK-650 Pro

IK-650 Pro


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Infrared Reworking  Soldering Center IK-650 Pro – Set of equipment for BGA soldering rework designed and manufactured for both production and service needs.


Guarantee repeatability of the process with maximum precision, maximum technological flexibility of equipment, saving high reliability and ease of operation  at the same time these features differ our system from similar ones.

Features and Applications:

•    Most of PCB sizes can be processed  
•    Uniform heating field eliminates deformation of PCB and effect to alignment components
•    Precise control of the operation temperature with 100% guaranteed results
•    High repeatable thermo profiles
•    Can be used for traditional or ROHS solder technology
•    2-years warranty
•    Upgradeable modular design
•    Control via PC with program TERMOPRO CENTER software

Technological capabilities

Big and "Hard" BGA with a thick solid aluminum casing BGA - CBGA, CCGA, PBGA, μBGA, FCBGA,LFBGA, CGA,CSP, QFN, QFP, MLF, PGA Plastic and metal connectors

Infrared soldering station is controlled with special "TERMOPRO CENTER" software at OS MS Windows platform.

Software provides automatic thermoprofiling for Bottom and Top Heaters with temperature feedback link on a circuit board.

TermoProCentr software

“TermoProCenter TPC” Software portfolio contains answers almost to any technological situation, and we did our best to realize maximum possible number of functions programmed in to it with help of our TermoPro instruments which we present to your judgment.

•    Full digital control of IR station modes
•    Automatic soldering BGA with temperature feedback on the PCB
•    Automatic cooling zone with custom rate
•    Unlimited number of thermoprofiles can be storage and success repeated
•    “Pause” and “Hot Start” functions for process optimization
•    List of Audio/Video operator services   
•    User-friendly interface and easy to use with high functionality
•    Our process thermo-profiles Library is delivered with the Program and can be upgraded by your own  work experience

MacBook Pro 17" repair of faulty nVidia GeForce 8600GT M using Infrared Reworking  Soldering Center IK-650 Pro

Please  see  a sample of Termo Pro BGA Reworking Center work at one of our European Customer facilities:

Technical specification

Upper Heater of IK-650 Pro  
Upper heating area 60 х 60 mm
IR sourse / wavelength Ceramic Elstein (Germany) / 2-10 µm
Т max  +650°C
P max   250 Watt
PCB Pre-heater of IK-650 Pro  
Temperature rang  50 - 350 °C
Temperature accuracy  ± 2°C

Max possible temperature difference on working surface, excluding corners

± 4°C (at a temperature of 200°C)
P max  2 x 1400 Watt
Number of independent heating zones  2
Working surface size L x W  340 х 240 mm
Other parameters  
Recommended distance from PCB to Upper Emitter diaphragm
For flat diaphragm
For 3D concentrator



Recommended Processed PCB dimensions / max  350 x 250 mm / 400 x 300 mm
Temperature control / Interface  With thermoprofile at PC program / USB
Thermoprofile accuracy (typical value)  ± 3°C
Voltage / Power  ~220-230V – 50Hz / 3000Wt
Weight  20 kg

The  full set of IK-650Pro "Comfort" configuration (items are given as per picture)


Unit #
Unit Name & purpose
1,2  Top heater on moving tripod.
3  Lazer pointer for aiming a soldering zone to a center.
4  Replaceable 2D or 3D diaphragm of Top heater to limit a zone of heating. (3D diaphragm patented, out of the picture).
5  IK1-10KD Pro - Controller  provides the Top heater temperature management and processed PCB temperature.
6  Pivot tripod for sensor installation at PCB.
7  Pt-1000  (3pcs) ancillary sensor for PCB temperature control duting a soldering process.
8  NP34-24  Pro - Two-zone Pre-heater for uniform PCB preheating. IK-650 pro center can be equipped with other preheater of NP series depending of process requirements.
9  TP 2-10 AB Pro - Two  channels  Controller  for  control  and management ot both heating zones of NP34-24 preheater. (Controller can be  replaced  with  TP2-10 KD Pro, with ancillary PCB temperature control channel).
10  FCM-15, FCK-15 (10 pcs each) - PTFE braces for installation of processed PCB to preheater's plate.
11  FC-500 Air Cooler for IK-650 pro Center provides safe PCB's cooling down by  thermo-profile.

 VM-045 Vacuum Pick up unit provides a convenient and accurate BGA de-soldered component remove from PCB.


Воздушный охладитель для охлаждения печатных плат тепловой экран для термостола при пайке оплавлением по термопрофилю
FC-500 Air Cooler. C-34, C-24, C-17 Preheaters protective cover.
Рамочный держатель плат для термостоловRD-400 PCB holder 2 видеомикроскоп для инфракрасой паяльной станции
RD-400 PCB holder. USB Microscope to observe soldering.
ФТОРОПЛАСТОВЫЕ СТОЙКИ ФСМ-15 (высота 15мм) для отверстий 2мм-3 мм ФТОРОПЛАСТОВЫЕ СТОЙКИ ФСК-15 (высота 15мм) для отверстий 2мм-4 мм
FCM-15 (10 pcs in set) - PTFE braces. FCK-15 (10 pcs in set) - PTFE braces.
Термодатчик платиновый керамический для печатных плат и термоскопа шарнирный прижим для установки термодатчика на печатную плату
Pt-1000 sensor with 4x2 mm size and 1.5 m PTFE wires. Pivot tripod for sensor installation at PCB.



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