Manual SMT pick & place system for prototyping

SMP-330 & feeders

SMP-330 & feeders


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The equipment is designed for manual installation of SMD components to Printed Circuit Boards. This work place configuration allows to apply a solder paste or adhesive by a dispenser, and install SMD components by Vacuum Tweezers.

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Solder Paste Dispenser with integrated Vacuum Pick-Up

For work, you can choose a Solder Paste Dispenser ND-35 or ND-350 series.

Dispenser ND-350 is designed for dosing fine-grained solder paste type 5 over small doses. For this purpose a dosing nozzle diameter of 0.2 mm.

The choice of this dispenser allows applying solder paste for mounting components with pitches 0.5-0.65 mm.

Dispenser ND-35 provides an economical dosing of solder paste types 3, 4 for mounting components with pitches more than 0.65 mm.

SMD Tape Feeders

SMT Tape Feeders for 7 inch reels are integrated into an universal box, which can contain up to 16 feeders with 8mm tapes. There are feeders for tapes widths 12 and 16 mm available. 14 inches reels are set to a standard feeder with an extra adapter.

Carousel Feeder

Carousel Feeder 24 cell designed for storing small disparate SMD components. Carousel is mounted on ball bearings and rotated in either direction with the handle. Cells are closed with anti-static position height adjustable glass.

Cassette Bunk Feeders

Cassette bunk feeders for storage of SMD components in the scraps of ribbons. Bunk configuration provides maximum concentration of SMD components of different denominations at one workplace. Removable cassette mounted on the magnet to the base. There are Cassette Bunk Feeders for tapes widths 8, 12 and 16 mm available.