Vacuum Pick-Up Unit

VM-045, VM-08

VM-045, VM-08


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Powerful, fast and durable

Vacuum Pick-Up “Pen” has been designed as a tool for a safe and comfortable manipulations  with SMD electronic components from size 0402. VacuumPen allows to operate with objects which have a smooth  and non-porous surface and the weight up to 200 grams (depending on cup size).

Pick-up handle, heat-resistant suction cup, air hose made of antistatic materials what minimizes a risk of electrostatic damage for electronic components. VacuumPen is equipped with a foot pedal control to ease operation.

Vacuum Pick-Up VM-045 is designed for intermittent use. For continuous installation of components VacuumPen  VM-08 which uses pressure-vacuum converter (ejector) is also available.      

Technical specification



Vacuum source Diaphragm pump Converter pressure-vacuum (needs external compressor)
Power 5 Watt 5 Watt
Voltage DC 12 V DC 12 V
External pressure Not required 3-6 Bar. / up to 30Litre/min
Vacuum level ~ 550 mBar ~ 200 mBar
Operate Short-time Continuous
Lifetime         - Up to 40 000 000 cycle
Noise level 55 dBA 55 dBA
Dimensions of control unit 120 х 120 х 50 mm 120 х 120 х 50 mm